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The Journey to Spiced Coffee

What a long strange journey it has been....

Growing and a building a business is never an easy task. Chakra Spiced Coffee is no different. It has been years in the making getting it to this point and are so  excited to finally have launched! 

As with any business start up there are hurdles, changes and all sorts of things that happen along the way to get to the end goal. The joy of building businesses is such a great experience though and the journey to get to this point has been amazing. 

The practicing roasting of coffee, farmers markets, packaging development, getting the right spice combinations have all been a part of that journey. If you are reading this blog you are reading the hard work of years of commitment to bring Chakra Spiced Coffee to the world. Its been a lot of cups of Chakra coffee along the way to get here too lol!

If you are on this page you are a part of the journey too! Our goal is bring an amazing coffee that helps deliver some added benefits to really help you start your day right. Every day that we wake up not a single person on this planet knows what is in store for them that day. We are no different than you. That first cup coffee for many people can make the difference between a rough day and a great one. Collecting your thoughts and starting each day with a clear head is one of the most important things a person can do to live a full and happy life.

We truly feel we have an amazing coffee and truly hope that you love it too and happy to have you a long on this journey with us!!