sustainable coffee

Our single-origin coffee is imported from farmers that grow our beans on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania utilizing the Volcafe Way.


Volcafe was founded in 1851 and works directly with coffee farming families helping them to continually improve their coffee quality, farm productivity and yields. By working directly with coffee farmers, this method assists and trains them in sustainable production techniques and good agronomic practices, as well as in making the best uses of their land for future generations.


120 million workers around the world rely on the coffee industry. Unfortunately over the decades, many coffee farms have struggled or ceased to exist. Chakra supports a system by which coffee farmers can make their farms more profitable and continue to operate while respecting the land. 


Our sustainable chain is critical to delivering an amazing cup of coffee from bean to cup. By purchasing Chakra Spiced Coffee you are also supporting that sustainable chain as well. So thank you and enjoy your coffee!

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